Biodiverse cities understand that a diverse natural world is the foundation of human existence, as it is necessary for both survival and quality of life.



We appreciate the generous support from many supporters including private foundations, corporations, governmental agencies and individuals. Without the contributions made by many, ICLEI KCC would not be able to serve local governments and support their climate protection and sustainability efforts. There are many options for donating funds to ICLEI KCC with a guaranteed return in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotion of sustainable communities. Contributions to ICLEI KCC are fully tax-deductible as charitable contributions, as allowed under the law. Consult your tax advisor for information relating to your specific personal or business situation.

  • Send a check by mail to: ICLEI KCC, No. 834,Chengcing Rd., Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung 83347, Taiwan
  • Sponsorship : ICLEI KCC welcomes corporate sponsorship for schools, conferences, workshops, websites, publications and other programs.
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