Biodiverse cities understand that a diverse natural world is the foundation of human existence, as it is necessary for both survival and quality of life.


the Past

For years, Kaohsiung City has played an active role in promoting environmental protection in the international arena. It is the first city in Taiwan to join ICLEI. Every year, Kaohsiung City Government sends its delegation to attend important environmental protection events and conferences organized by ICLEI, so that the city can remain informed about the latest situations and issues of environmental protection in the world and learn from other cities about their experiences in promoting environmental protection policies. The participation also allows Kaohsiung City to have a voice in the international arena and to communicate with over 1200 cities, demonstrating to the world that Kaohsiung City is committed "to promote sustainable environment, to strengthen the city's resilience and to build a green, low-carbon new metropolitan."

Kaohsiung City's efforts in sustainable development, its carbon-reduction and mitigation actions in response to climate change, as well as its abundant experiences in interacting with other cities around the world have been recognized; hence, on November 4, 2011, ICLEI Europe decided to establish ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Centre (ICLEI KCC) in Kaohsiung.

the Present

Established in 2012, ICLEI KCC is hosted by the Kaohsiung Government. The services KCC provides fulfill the tasks of the ICLEI World Secretariat and supports ICLEI Regional Offices. Kaohsiung Capacity Center is also available to outside partners with specific project needs and deliverables.

the Future

In the future, ICLEI KCC will provide training, professional expertise and a variety of information exchanges and education centres for policies and management for the sustainable development of ICLEI members as well as other cities in Taiwan and in East Asia. ICLEI KCC will be the only ICLEI-recognized capacity centre in East Asia. ICLEI KCC will work to help cities in East Asia build capacity for sustainable development through action plans, regulations, policy formulation, public environmental education, training courses, and international symposiums related to development of a sustainable environment. ICLEI KCC will also be the bridge to connect representatives of city and local governments in East Asia.

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