Biodiverse cities understand that a diverse natural world is the foundation of human existence, as it is necessary for both survival and quality of life.



Located in the south of Taiwan island, the City of Kaohsiung has been a longtime supporter in ICLEI's work in sustainable development. Since April 2012, the city hosts ICLEI's Kaohsiung Capacity Center. The City has a long history of heavy industry, and was known as an industrial city. The total amount of carbon emission of the City is enormous, with emissions per capita reaching 23 tons a year, which is two times higher than the island's average. In addition, as the entire world is facing the ever-increasing threats of climate-caused disasters resulting from global warming, Kaohsiung City has also been severely affected by torrential rains and floods. Hence, the City urgently needs to promote policies for reducing greenhouse gases and to strengthen its resilience. These are considered the toughest challenges in environmental protection, but they also present great opportunities.

Facing Taiwan Strait on the west and Bashi Channel on the south, Kaohsiung is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern Taiwan as well as the second largest city of Taiwan island. It has a complete air/marine transportation network port and the industries of logistics, financial insurance, and services as the center of talent incubation and technology R&D. Kaohsiung County owns a variety of agricultural resources as well as industrial and high-technology parks

Kaohsiung - Livable community

Kaohsiung City led Taiwan's cities at the 2013 International Awards for Livable Communities by winning four gold medals, as well as six other prizes, and became the most awarded city in the world.

"In recent years, Kaohsiung City Government has accelerated transformation of the metropolis toward livability and sustainability, and its hard work has once again been rewarded by the LivCom awards," Mayor Chen Chu said.

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