Biodiverse cities understand that a diverse natural world is the foundation of human existence, as it is necessary for both survival and quality of life.



  • To promote and provide capacity building training to support city policies related to sustainable development and management
  • To provide East Asian member cities with training courses and professional expertise; to exchange and manage information related sustainable polices and management; and to encourage members in East Asia to communicate with each other and share experiences with each other
  • To organize training events and symposiums that aim to help cities in East Asia to build capacity for sustainable development and to respond to climate change
  • To provide planning, evaluation, research and technical services related to resilience to climate change and the sustainable development of urban resources
  • To organize and assist members from Taiwan to participate in ICLEI global events
  • To promote the role and the position of Kaohsiung as one of the major Asian cities for environmental protection and international sustainable development.
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