Biodiverse cities understand that a diverse natural world is the foundation of human existence, as it is necessary for both survival and quality of life.




ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center Opening Ceremony

Became the only ICLEI capacity center in East Asia Region.


ICLEI Mentor Cities Program

Signing the documents of being Sister Cities with Male City and provided sustainable urban development recommendations on road quality, drainage system, tunneling and coastline erosion management.


ICLEI Ecomobility Festival 2013
in Suwon City

Kaohsiung has been one of the founding members of
ICLEI EcoMobility Alliance.


Metropolitan Solutions


Resilient Cities


Symposium on LAB-Local Actions for Biodiversity


Conference on Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation

Kaohsiung also host the ICLEI GExCom Meeting during the conference.


RExCom in Kyoto




Safe Cities-Industrial Pipeline Conference

The semi-annual memorial event of the gas explosion incident, Kaohsiung disclosed the underground industrial pipelines map to the public.


ICLEI World Congress

Kaohsiung, Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan made their
commitments to join Compact of Mayors Campaign.


carbonn Workshop


ICLEI Resilient Cities - Bonn, Germany

Kaohsiung signed the LAB-Local Actions for Biodiversity,
Durban Commitment and fulfilled all the criteria of LAB initiative.




International Ecomobility Forum

Kaohsiung received the handover of EcoMobility Alliance Chair,
and announced to be the host city of 2017 EcoMobility Festival.


EcoMobility World Festival - Johannesburg, South Africa

Kaohsiung signed the LOI of host of 2017 EcoMobility Festival and host
the first global press conference


UNFCCC COP21 - Paris, France

Kaohsiung attended COP21 side event:
Compact of Mayors as the only city representative from East Asia Region

Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan also fully compliant with COM.




Velocity EcoMobility Workshop

Co-organized “Velocity Ecomobility Workshop” with Transportation Bureau.
A total of 24 international bicycle experts (Velocity 2016) participated in the workshop.


Resilient Cities Asia Pacific 2016@ Malacca, Malaysia

The Asia Pacific edition of ICLEI Resilient Cities.
The second edition held in Malacca, Malaysia.
Various cities in Asia participated and ICLEI KCC was involved in
the active participation of member cities from Kaohsiung,
Pingtung and Taichung in this event.


ICLEI Resilient Cities @ Bonn, Germany

Resilient Cities Forum is ICLEI’s main event in urban resilience. The main 
theme of the forum includes: climate change adaptation and mitigation,
disaster risk reduction, food safety, policy making and financing.


Field Visit to Berlin & Lutzen

Government officials from Kaohsiung participated in field visits to Berlin & Lutzen on the subject of greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy development and environmental impact assessment.


Visit to Suwon & Seoul

Visit to Suwon and Seoul to observe the results of the ecomobile
neighbourhood implementation, so to be able to bring back
implementation best practices in organizing the Ecomobility World Festival
and in promotion of the ecomobile neighbourhood to the Hamasen


17th IUAPPA World Clean Air Congress and 9th CAA Better
Air Quality Conference – Busan

The objective of this conference is to provide a platform for port cities in
Asia to share their experiences in reducing air pollution from ships and
harbor activities. The purpose is to encourage more harbors cities to
work together to improve air quality.


Seouls Mayor Forum RexCom Meeting – Seoul

The forum is a regional climate initiative that embodies the ambitions of the Paris climate agreement and is organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, ICLEI, C40, UCLG, UN-Habitat and the Bloomberg Foundation.


ICLEI KCC Agreement Renewal Ceremony, organized by Kaohsiung City

ICLEI KCC was established in September 2012 by Kaohsiung according
to the “ICLEI KCC Agreement”.
2016 is the first full term year of the agreement, thus, the Mayor of
Kaohsiung and the ICLEI World Secretariat signed the agreement to
extend ICLEI KCC for the second term, which last for 5 years.


2016 Resilient Water City Workshop – Taichung

ICLEI KCC in cooperation with Taichung municipal government invited Prof. Chris Zevenbergen from the UNESCO-IHE to the share the principles and international best practices of a resilient water city, to better understand
other resilient cities in the world.


2016 Ecomobility Forum – Kaohsiung

ICLEI KCC along with Kaohsiung Bureau of Transportation invited relevant experts to talk about low carbon and livable urban transformation solutions. Experts invited:
- Jinbiao Liu, Chairman of Giant Bicycles Group
- Santosh Kodukula, Program Manager of ICLEI World Secretariat
- Yeonhee Park, Director of ICLEI Korea Office
- Jakob Hougaard, Acting Mayor of City Copenhagen
- Bryony Cooper, Executive Manager of City Access and Transport at the
  City of Sydney
- Konrad Otto Zimmerman, Director of The Urban Idea


Bogota & Quito

Participated in the "5th UCLG Congress -
World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in Bogota"
and Habitat III "ICLEI EcoMobility Days Quito 2016".


Councils of Asians Liberal and Democrats, CALD Annual Executive Committee Meeting and Congress– Bangkok, Thailand

Inaugurated in Bangkok in 1993, CALD is a regional alliance of liberal and democratic political parties in Asia and the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan is a member of the alliance.
The theme of the congress is "Liberalism and Non-liberalism: Which Side Should Asia Belong to?" which includes the issues related to the Paris Agreement.
Thus, the Congress open up a special forum on climate change. 


UNFCCC COP22@Marrakech, Morocco

COP (Conference of the Parties) is a conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is one of the few global conventions that will have a significant impact on the economic
development of all countries.
During the COP side event co-organized by ICLEI and German Advisory
Council on Global Change, ICLEI KCC arranged the Director of Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau to participate, whereby becoming the only official
city representative from Taiwan to speak on stage.


Post COP22:
Taiwan’s Response to Climate Change – Kaohsiung

After COP22, the importance of taking action to fulfill the Paris Agreement is emphasized and the voluntary carbon reductions of 200 countries was discussed.
ICLEI KCC invited experts to discuss on the possible pathways of Taiwan in response to climate change.


Pingtung Urban and Rural Resilience Seminar

ICLEI KCC assist the organizer of “2016 Pingtung Urban and Rural Resilience International Seminar” in inviting international experts, such as ICLEI
Secretary-General Gino Van Begin and ICLEI Energy Planner Ana Marques,
to conduct a two-day strategic discussion and urban governance experience
sharing with the central government, the local government and the


2016 Water Conservation Network Global Exchange – Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung

The event is organized by National Association for the Promotion of Community Universities (NAPCU). ICLEI KCC co-organized by assisting international relation matters. Invited Japan’s Public-Private Partnership
expert in Watershed Management, Nakamura Fumi, whom is the Director
of Tama River Source Flow Research Institute




Towards a Low Carbon Nuclear Free Homeland? From the energy choices point of view

ICLEI KCC co-organized with The Forum of Rhodes. Invited Mr. Liao Ying-kai, the public representative of the Atomic Energy Information Dissemination Workgroup to share with the participants on energy policies and on creating
a nuclear free homeland.


Inquiry on Hamasen: Dialogue with International Students

ICLEI KCC invited Santhosh Kodukula, Ecomobility Program Manager of
ICLEI World Secretariat and the Transport Bureau to share with the students
from National Taiwan University and the Rotterdam Business School on the
vision of the ecomobility concept and the progress of the Ecomobility World
Festival 2017 that is to be held this October in Kaohsiung.


The Vision of Ecomobility and Gloabl Best Practices – Taipei (Legislative Yuan)

Ecomobility is a concept that challenges cities to transform through their
way of moving around.
Co-organized by ICLEI KCC along with the Sustainable Council of Legislative Yuan, Su Zhi-fen Congress Office and the International Climate
Development Institute.
Invited Konrad Otto Zimmerman, the founder of Ecomobility concept
and the Director of Urban Ideas to speak at the Legislative Yuan.


2017 Taiwan ICLEI Member Cities Sharing Session
– New Taipei City Council

ICLEI World Secretariat Deputy Secretary General, Emani Kumar and ICLEI
Smart City Program Manager, Roman Mendle were invited to Taiwan.
Taking this opportunity, ICLEI KCC along with New Taipei City Council
gathered ICLEI member cities in Taiwan for a session to share their
experiences, vision and thoughts on creating a resilient city.


Signing of MOU with Taipei Computer Association – Taipei

Through the signing of the MOU, both parties will collaborate in organizing sustainable city forums and its related activities and in exploring
opportunities for global exchange between cities, to promote the
development of a sustainable smart city.


ICLEI 2017 Resilient Cities Annual Global Forum – Bonn, Germany

In this 8th Edition of the Resilient Cities Annual Global Forum, ICLEI KCC arranged Kaoshiung City’s Water Resource Bureau and Transportation
Bureau to speak during thematic panels.
Kaohsiung City organized the “Urban Dialogue”, with the help of ICLEI
invited the Runavik City in the Faroe Islands of Denmark, Oslo City in
Norway, Bologna City in Italy and Guimaraes City in Portugal to have an
exchange session on sustainability topics with Kaohsiung City’s
Environmental Protection Bureau, Transportation Bureau,
Water Resource Bureau, Public Works Bureau and China Steel Corporation.
Arranged Kaohsiung City to attend the Luncheon organized by
Mayor of Bonn and media relation activities to promote Kaohsiung City.


ICLEI International Office Managers Consultation, IOMC 
– Bonn, Germany

2017 ICLEI International Office Managers Consultation (IOMC) aims to bring together directors and managers from ICLEI’s 17 global offices around the world to discuss the basic principles and strategies to manage ICLEI global offices and the solutions on membership management issues.

The main agenda of the 2017 IOMC:
International Initiatives, International Partnerships and Collaboration
between Offices; Financial Management of each Offices; ICLEI Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) and New Cities Initiatives; Focus on UN
Conference Advocacy; ICLEI Global Offices Executive Report; ICLEI Global membership management and ICLEI Member Global Survey; other ICLEI development matters. 


2017 Ecomobility World Festival Event Series
“Innovative Smart Transport Forum” - Kaohsiung

ICLEI KCC in collaboration with the Kaohsiung City Government, the
European Chamber of Commerce and 7 Star Lake invited the Ministry of
Transport, European Ambassador, County and City Governments and
Academias for an experience sharing session on the development an
ecomobile and smart transportation system and in the same time
promote the 2017 Ecomobility World Festival.

During the Forum, a press conference and trial ride was held for the debut
of the autonomous vehicle in Kaohsiung, thus promoting the city’s
transformation towards a low carbon, sustainable, shared and intelligent
livable city and determination in the promotion of the Ecomobility concept.


Livable Cities toward Sustainable Development – Taichung

With “Livable Cities toward Sustainable Development” as the main theme,
the forum focused on topics such as climate change, environmental
sustainability and urban planning. The forum also introduced the
conception of Taichung’s International NGO Center. NGOs from ASEAN,
South Asia, Australia and New Zealand participated in the forum.
The discussion includes the response of local cities towards central
governments “climate diplomacy” and “new southward policy” and the engagement of the public in the development of the sustainable living
concept and policies.

ICLEI KCC co-organized, participated and gave a keynote speech on "Partnership between NGOs and Local Governments on Climate Change Governance".


International Forum on Climate Change and City Transformation – New Taipei

On September 29 -30, ICLEI KCC collaborated with New Taipei City, our RExCom Member in Taiwan, to co-organized the 2017 International Forum
on Climate Change and City Transformation, along with the 2017 ICLEI East
Asia RExCom. All ICLEI EA RexCom members, WS, EAS, JO, KO and KCC
were invited to give speeches or to moderate in the plenary slots through
the two-day forum. As the outcomes of this forum, New Taipei City
launched “New Taipei City Action Plans” to show its determining vision
toward a more resilient and sustainable city.
On September 30, ICLEI East Asia Regional Executive Committee (RExCom)
was held to discuss the current status and future vision of ICLEI’s advocacy
in East Asia, as the closed event for this event. 


East Asia Regional Executive Committee (RExCom)
– New Taipei

Assist New Taipei City in organizing the annual ICLEI East Asia RExCom.


Ecomobility Young Professional Workshop – Kaohsiung

Three international speakers were invited to share their experience,
regarding shared mobility related policy, technology and urban planning
in Europe and East Asia, with 40 young professionals.
The forum includes an interactive session with the audience on the current
status, the environmental impact, and future trends and prospects
of shared mobility.

The forum aims to enable Taiwan to learn from the international
experiences and best practices of ecomobility and environmental
sustainability.Thus hopes that the sustainability concept would also
be ingrained in the young professionals’ life.


Ecomobility World Congress – Kaohsiung

With the main theme of livable, intelligent and shared, the World Congress invited both domestic and foreign well-known city leaders, experts and
scholars as speakers. Thus, bringing different learning experiences and ideas
to the conference participants, with the hope that the best practices will
bring new thoughts and action.

During the World Congress, ICLEI KCC organized a tailor-made series of
guided tours to bring international participants to Hamasen, which is a
designated ecomobile neighbourhood, to experience how Hamasen’s
history, culture and tradition blends with the three main theme of the
ecomobility concept of creating a livable, shared and intelligent neighbourhood. 


2017 Ecomobility World Festival – Kaohsiung

With the designation of Hamasen, an old neighbourhood in Kaohisung that
is rich in history and culture, as an ecomobile neighbourhood, the city with
the collaboration of local residents hopes to transform Hamasen into a low
carbon, light weight and reduced speed ecomobile neighbourhood by
October 2017 in conjunction with the Ecomobility World Festival.
To encourage the transformation, the city provided the local residents with
a public transportation scheme and improved the living environment of the neighbourhood, with the hope to create a living space that is more livable
and friendly to both residents and the environment.


Low Carbon Blockchain Forum: Pedaling Towards the Smart Future – Kaohsiung

In the morning on October 5, ICLEI KCC along with Ideal Kaohsiung City Promotion Association and Believe Energy Co. Ltd. organized a smart city forum entitled “Low Carbon Blockchain: Pedaling Towards the Smart Future”. Blockchain is a technology that is currently receiving widespread attention globally. Its innovative solutions such as the smart contract and identity
make blockchain with much enormous potential to bring a positive benefit
to society. In this Forum, we will highlight the international applications in
blockchain technology and how it can be integrated into the Smart City development, including environmental and mobility applications, to create
new services, hence new opportunities. This forum explored how a smart
city can effectively combine technology, hardware and software, services,
policies and markets to meet future sustainable development, and in the
same time taking into consideration social justice, equity and
environmental conservation in terms of circular economy as well.


SMART Mapping Workshop

In the afternoon on October 5, ICLEI EcoMobility Team, ICLEI KCC and University of Michigan organized the Mapping workshop for future
sustainable mobility in Hamasen neighborhood, Kaohsiung.
This workshop focused on systematic approaches to accelerate
implementation of seamless, multi-modal, door-to-door, and sustainable transportation systems in a particular region, town, or neighbourhood, and
to understand the existing interconnected web of transport-related modes, services, amenities and underlying network that users, and even leaders and operators, may not be aware of. At the end of this workshop, participants developed a new methodological tool for advancing and implementing sustainable, connected, innovative, and inclusive transportation systems.


International Workshop on Pingtung Renewable Energy – Pingtung

On October 16, ICLEI KCC in collaboration with Pingtung County
government organized a Renewable Energy Workshop attended by relevant
public and private sector experts working on renewable energy promotion
in Pingtung County.
ICLEI KCC invited the 100% RE expert from ICLEI Low Carbon Team to
facilitate the workshop, and discussed possible strategies to achieve 100%
renewable energy goals with a focus on city level localized policies.


Cohost the global workshop on Clean Energy Development Strategies with ICDF

This 5-day long workshop with fieldtrips was cohosted by ICLEI KCC and Taiwan ICDF (International Education and Training Agency, founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). to organized an international workshop focusing
on develop clean energy strategies. During October 17-21, this workshop focused on "Local Strategies toward Clean and 100% Renewable Energy".
ICLEI WS, ICLEI KCC and Experts from the WWEA(World Wind Energy Association) conducted capacity trainings to the global participants, utilizing Pingtung as case study. Furthermore, in collaboration with Pingtung County government, on October 20, the participants visited GuanTsai Wetland and Central Farm, which are the main 100% renewable energy project sites in Pingtung.
On Oct 21, ICLEI KCC guided the participants to Hamasen, and immerse
them in the ecomobile and resilient efforts put in placein Hamasen
ecomobile neighborhood.


2017 Cohosting the 2017 International Forum on Taichungology in Taichung

Taichung City Government has shown its high interests collaborating with
ICLEI KCC through cohosting international events on various thematic
During October 27-29, ICLEI KCC again assisted Taichung City Government
and Taiwan Geographic Information Center, to co-organized the “2017 International Forum on Taichungology”, as the international coordinators for the congress. The forum explored the local knowledge in shaping the relationship between human and land through focusing on abundant anthroposophy and local historical studies. With “Anthroposophy” and “Taichungology” as the starting points and with the vision to future sustainability, the forum explored and constructed a Taichungology
common knowledge framework with the citizens, local organizations and experts. In addition, the forum aimed to connect Taichung City and the
world through these international dialogues.


Facilitating Taiwanese cities and local partners’ participation
in COP23

During COP23 (November 6-17), along with the “Climate Summit of Local
and Regional Leaders”, ICLEI had organized bundle of events and activities
in its Cites and Regions Pavilion in Bonn, Germany. The implementation of
Paris Agreement is unavoidable and is critical in every part of the world, and particularly in climate vulnerable areas such as Taiwan.
To enhance the visibility of Taiwanese cities and to assist Kaohsiung’s
outcome promotions regarding EcoMobility Festival, ICLEI KCC had
facilitated and coordinated with ICLEI Cities & Regions Team to gain stages
and spotlights. The delegation from Taipei City, New Taipei City,
Kaohsiung City, Taoyuan County, Tainan City and other local partners (Delta Foundation and International Climate Development Institute) showcased various efforts and outcomes to the all international COP23 participants
how Taiwan tackles Climate Change.


Assisting 2017 Energy Vision Summit- Leading Green Energy Chains

ICLEI KCC has served as the only international coordinator of Taiwan
Economic Daily News on the Energy Vision Summit series since 2015.
On November 21, Taiwan Economic Daily News, with the support of
National Energy Bureau, host the 2017 Energy Vision Summit, focusing on
Leading Green Energy In addition to energy chain development, this summit stressed the importance of energy efficiency in the transformation of energy systems, given the truth that about two-thirds of primary energy is wasted globally. The outcomes showed that Taiwan is aware of where its business opportunities are and how technology and market deployment strategies
can enhance to transform its energy system in line with the targets it has set
to phase out nuclear power in a very short time period.
See more at: m.focustaiwan.tw/news/aeco/201711210029.aspx


Host the
“Dialogue with Local Partners on Sustainable Energy”

Energy transformation has been a extreme urgent issue in recent years in Taiwan. On November 22, ICLEI KCC invited Professor Doctor Manfred Fischedick, vice president and director of Future Energy and Mobility
Structures at German’s Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy
to have an intensive dialogue with ICLEI KCC’s local partners on sustainable energy on how NGOs can contribute to urge the energy transformation in Taiwan. This dialogue conducted on some specific issues such as Citizen
power plant: mechanism and funding schemes; Grid integration: smart grid, virtual grid; Matching with the developers/ brokers: how to select? ; FIT implementation: advantages and shortness; Role of local government: SWOT and so on.


The ALP and RCAP Forum 2017

The ALP and RCAP Forum 2017 is hosted by Vietnam Ministry of Planning
and Investment (MPI) with the focus on Catalyzing Support for NDC Implementation in Asia. This year’s forums showcase a multitude of tools, methodologies, implementation frameworks and success stories from the region, contributing to the achievement of country Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The relevance and importance of, and means to
achieve transparency in NDC implementation and monitoring are discussed
at the Forums. Sub-national Integration and benefits for accelerating
implementation of NDC goals is a key feature topic. Cities and Regions will benefit from dialogues and discussions on financing and implementing low emission infrastructure.



ICLEI KCC來到中台灣,於台中市舉辦「ICLEI KCC 2018台灣會員城市交流會」

ICLEI KCC 受到立法院聯合國永續發展目標諮詢委員會及立法委員林靜儀國會
ICLEI KCC分享了近年來台灣在氣候變遷和永續發展面向的城市外交,透過

ICLEI KCC在台中中山醫學大學與青年學生一同探索SDGs與健康的關聯!

ICLEI KCC與嘉義市政府、嘉義基督教醫院、多樣性城市科技中心、林靜儀


智慧城市高峰會暨大展第二天,ICLEI世界秘書長Gino Van Begin,與國發會
此外,Gino與ICLEI KCC辦公室一同拜訪了ICLEI東亞地區執行委員新北市

ICLEI KCC與ITS台灣、台大先進公共運輸研究中心、交通部,一同舉辦國際

在開幕致詞中,邀請到波昂市長Ashok Sridharan,聯合國氣候變遷執行秘書
Patricia Espinosa,加拿大埃德蒙頓市長Don Iverson呼籲城市韌性的重要

ICLEI KCC與高雄市環保局共同邀請了日本地球環境戰略研究機關(Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, IGES),北九州辦公室的研究經理赤木純子
博士,進行兩天的「高雄低碳城市2.0 - 專業研習工作坊。Low Carbon City
2.0 Seminars」。

五月中ICLEI東亞秘書處(ICLEI East Asia Secretariat)首次將ICLEI歐洲秘書處
(ICLEI European Secretariat)在歐洲行之有年的綠色政府採購EcoProcura帶進
借鏡歐洲(ICLEI歐洲秘書處)與日本(日本環境協會生態標誌辦公室, JEA)的成功

ICLEI KCC參加由台灣環保署與美國環保署共同舉辦的「2018空氣品質管制

今年的ICLEI World Congress 2018 自6月19日至6月22日,在加拿大蒙特婁
本日下午舉辦的大會開幕式中,蒙特婁市市長Valérie Plante表示,當前全球
組成城市代表團參加盛會,ICLEI KCC亦協助台灣城市,安排城市對談等

本次ICLEI 2018世界大會,台灣城市共有高雄、台南、台中、桃園、新北市
等五個城市,組成城市代表團參加。ICLEI KCC也特別為台灣城市安排了各個
20號下午由ICLEI KCC協助安排的C2C城市對談活動,匯集高雄市、台中、

ICLEI 2018世界大會的第三天,ICLEI KCC於上午協助安排高雄市與西班牙
而繼上午的議程與各平行場次、會議之後,ICLEI 世界大會第三天的重頭戲,
ICLEI KCC的夥伴亦分別參與城市轉型、空間再造、綠色街道和社區參與等

上午高雄城市代表與所羅門Honiara市長、ICLEI 大洋洲辦公室主任進行

由經濟部國合處、臺南市環保局與ICLEI KCC共同合作辦理的『臺南市
上午的課程,首先安排來自日本再生能源機構的西田 裕子老師分享多年於
導入等(垃圾焚化再利用);經濟發展局的「能源轉型 綠能先行」介紹臺南

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