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Jeonju City and Inje County committed to ambitious energy transformation

Jeonju City and Inje County from Korea announced their commitments to taking ambitious actions to move towards “100% renewable energy supply system” at the Energy-safe Cities (ESC) Declaration and Press conference held at Jeonju city hall on 7 April.

The press conference was attended by the Mayor Seungsu Kim of Jeonju City, Governor Soonsun Lee of Inje County, Chairperson of ICLEI Urban Agendas Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Director of ICLEI Korea Office Yeonhee Park, Regional Director and ICLEI’s China Representative Shu Zhu, as well as local experts and representatives from various civil organizations and council for sustainable development.

As the leading cities of the ESC programme, Jeonju City and Inje County presented their visions, strategies and action plans for year 2015-2016. By 2030, Jeonju City plans to increase its energy independency rate from 11% to 30%, and its electricity rate from 5.8% to 40%; while Inje County pledged to reach 100% energy independency by 2045. The mayors also shared their experience and future plans for cooperation in promoting energy transformation during the press conference.

The two local governments received certificates for completing 2015-2016 ESC Program. Konrad Otto-Zimmermann encouraged the two cities to continue leading other local governments to go on board, while Yeonhee Park emphasized ICLEI’s commitment to assisting cities to achieve the target of becoming 100% renewable energy-safe cities. 

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